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If you have been placed onto our elective surgical wait list, our office will contact you when a surgical date becomes available. Kindly advise us if your symptoms change or worsen while awaiting surgery. Your primary physician should be consulted for pain control, if needed, while awaiting surgery.

The hospital will contact you for a pre-surgical appointment after a surgical date has been set up with our office, if needed. The hospital will not be able to provide a pre-surgical appointment prior to coordinating a date with our office for surgery.

Surgery times are not given to our office until the business day before surgery, no later than 2:00 pm. If you have not heard from us by that time, please email us right away. 

As surgical waits can be lengthy, we ask that you inform our office as soon as possible if you no longer wish to have surgery. This assists us in managing wait lists. 

We are unable to provide waiting list estimates as ALL surgical cases are booked according to urgency. 

**ALL bookings run the risk of being bumped at any time due to reasons including but not limited to emergencies, urgent cases, loss of operating days/time, operating schedule changes, etc. We understand that having your case bumped can be frustrating however this is likely to happen given the exceedingly long wait lists and volume of emergencies that we see. We appreciate your patience in this regard.

For all other questions while awaiting surgery, please email us via our contact us tab, or directly via email at


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