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Current wait time for routine consultation: 24+ months

*All referrals are triaged directly by Dr. Nikolakis



Please include the following with your referral:


1. Patient's health history pertinent to the appointment being requested

2. Current contact information including email address

3. Pertinent, RECENT (within the past one year) MRI scan or CT scan. If the MRI or CT scan was done in the private sector, please provide a CD with the images.

**All CDs are confidentially destroyed once viewed. We are unable to return these to your office or the patient**

4. Patients must complete their online health questionnaire to complete the referral at

Declined and incomplete referrals are not kept on file.

Referrals should be FAXED to (604) 563-5604

Once a complete referral has been received by our office, you will receive a notification indicating as such, with further information. 



Appointments must be confirmed no later than one week prior to the scheduled date or the appointment may be cancelled to accommodate other referrals.



For referral status updates, please have your patient email us directly at

If your patient has worsening or changing symptoms, please fax us a legible update to 604-563-5604, or send them to their local hospital emergency department, if warranted. 

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