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Surgical Scissors

Post-Surgical Appointment Instructions

Once you have been discharged from the hospital, we ask that you set up the following appointments:

1. Family Physician - in-person follow up in two weeks for suture removal and wound inspection

2. Dr. Nikolakis - phone call follow up (unless otherwise specified by Dr. Nikolakis after surgery) in six weeks. 

**Rehabilitation services such as physiotherapy will be recommended by Dr. Nikolakis only if necessary. 

General Surgical Information 

Hospital Stay


The time you spend in hospital will depend on what type of procedure you are having, your overall health, and how well you recover after your surgery is complete. Most people can go home one to three days post-operatively. 


It is normal for you to have some discomfort or pain when you get home after surgery. This should improve but it is normal for the pain to last days or even weeks. 

Incision Care

Before touching the incision area, please make sure you wash your hands. The nurse in the hospital will show you how to care for your incision before you are discharged.  

You can shower starting three days after surgery but should avoid baths for at least two weeks. 

Try not to let the shower spray hit the incision directly. If the incision is wet, please pat dry (do not rub). 

No swimming for at least two weeks after surgery. 

Do not use any creams, lotions or ointments on your incision for at least two weeks after surgery, unless directed by your surgeon. 

When To Get Help

Please contact your surgeon or family physician in case of the following:

  • Your pain is not easing with medications or prohibits you from recovering

  • New weakness, numbness or tingling in your arms or legs


When to proceed to the emergency department (within two weeks of surgery)

  • Fever over 101 C

  • If your incision is red, swollen, warm, or has discharging pus (yellow/green fluid)

  • Cough that continues to worsen

  • Stinging or burning when you urinate, or if your urine smells bad

  • Frequent vomiting

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