Please fax the patient's history and demographics, referring physician info with billing number, along with recent imaging (MRI scan done within the past one year - if medically possible), to (604) 553-7103.

If a referral is designated as urgent, please ensure the reason for the urgency is clearly stated on the referral.


Once the complete referral is received (history and recent MRI), it will be reviewed by our office. Please note - if the MRI was done outside of the Fraser Health Authority, the CD of the MRI must be sent to our office for the referral to be considered complete.

Please note - the referral letters must be typed and legible or they will be declined.

**Current wait time for consultation with Dr. Ivanishvili is approximately 24 months, however your patient will not hear from our office for a set appointment date until closer to that time**


IMPORTANT: Please discourage your patients from calling our office to inquire about their referral status, as this should be done by the referring office only, and these types of phone calls burden our already busy telephone service. 





Please do not have your patient contact us to inquire about wait times. Your office will be notified when an appointment is given to the patient. 

Consultations are arranged to assess whether a patient requires surgery. All matters regarding pain control will continue to be handled by your office. 

We do not have a cancellation list as our appointments are generally booked in terms of urgency of issue.